We 3D Everything

3D moldeing | architectural 3D
industrial 3D | animations

We 3D Everything

3D moldeing | architectural 3D
industrial 3D | animations

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VizKit Creative Studio was officially launched in 2020, but its roots trace back further. Twelve years ago, we commenced our journey in architectural visualization from the dormitories of BUET under the banner of Dhaka Designer. Our primary focus has always been architectural design and visualization, later expanding into product and industrial visualization.
Over the years, our architectural design services flourished, prompting us to segregate visualization projects. Today, Dhaka Designer thrives as a comprehensive provider of real estate and architectural solutions. And VizKit is fully focused on 3D visualization


We offer a wide range of 3D visualization services designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s film and animation, industrial solutions, or architectural animation, our team of experts is here to bring your ideas to life.
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Film & Animation

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Industrial Solution

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Product Visualization

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Architectural Animation

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Exterior visualization

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Interior visualization

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360 Visualization

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Master Plan

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